Had great feedback….so I am keeping them going!

In the last few months I had offered a chance to pre purchase the most popular collection I offer my clients with some great savings. Well, everyone really loved this deal so it is sticking around for a while! I also offered weekday mini sessions that were a hit. Great for a quick session and updated pictures. So I am really excited to have these options for my clients to save you some money and get the custom pictures you deserve!! Keep in mind I still have my regular sessions available.

EXTRA BONUS: If you book either of these sessions in the month of July (session can be scheduled for a later date), you get 5 extra digital images!!!!! That is 15 for a mini and 25 digitals for the Nicole Session!

I will only be accepting a certain number of each session per month, so book now to get the savings and the bonus! Feel free to email me at angelab@angelabphotography.com or call me at 254-449-2825 if you have any questions or would like more info.


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